A proven process that just plain “Fitz”

We deliver our Brand Fitz process through five distinct steps to guide clients’ marketing objectives, customer messages, and growth targets. Brand Fitz establishes the creative and narrative road map to meet our clients’ marketing and public relations goals.

Brand Fitz is a thorough discovery of the current state of your brand that continues through the development of a new brand architecture with corresponding messages for specific audiences. It is an efficient, flexible approach that addresses your business needs.

We take pride in the proven results that these five Brand Fitz steps provide to our clients: Examine, Strategize, Conceptualize, Execute, and Evaluate. The solutions developed from these steps drive the best marketing strategies to strengthen your brand and grow the business.



Research is the foundation of every sound communication strategy. At JFG, it drives everything. You can’t speak to an audience until you know what they are looking for and how best to reach them. We achieve this by conducting research, and then using the results to help create effective marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.



JFG extracts key insights from the research and develops a white paper that will articulate what the brand is, and what it stands for. This creative briefing document will serve as a roadmap for the conceptual work, and for all future creative executions of the brand.



In this step we develop concepts and start turning strategy into creative. JFG will work with you to fully flesh out a concept and theme, incorporating compelling messaging and imagery to deliver results. We then develop a unifying look that will cross all print and media platforms for advertising and marketing efforts.



JFG then develops a strategic marketing and communications plan that includes strategies to get messages to each audience. Once plans are approved, we manage each project with flawless execution, meeting all timelines, budgets and overall objectives.



As any plan moves forward, it’s important to constantly evaluate what works and what doesn’t…and then optimize the campaign for the best results.