Rebranding Campaign

Bristol Village

Bristol Village – a nonprofit assisted living community with 150 years of experience was looking for a total rebrand to reinforce their commitment to caring for WNY’s aging population.

Bristol Village is different, and we needed to show existing families, the community, and potential residents that what makes Bristol unique is their experience and compassion.


  • Rebranding (Refreshed Logo and Tagline)
  • Website Refresh
  • Broadcast – Radio, TV
  • Photo and Video
  • Print Ads
  • Social Media Strategy


The hallmark of the Bristol Village brand is a “Quilt” featured in the organization’s logo.

Visually, we highlighted the quilt as a key element in the campaign which embodies everything Bristol Village represents. As a piece of living history, it’s a document in fabric that chronicles the lives of past generations serving as a testament to a family’s story and, in the case of Bristol Village, the story of every resident. This campaign identifies how the stories of each resident come together to make up the Bristol Village story. This theme was carried throughout all marketing materials.

JFG developed the new tagline “Bristol Village – Experience IS the Difference,” putting an emphasis on what makes Bristol Village unique. Along with the new tagline, the campaign theme, “The Bristol Advantage is comfort, connection, compassion and community” was created to highlight the offerings and services experienced by the residents and their visiting families.