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Social Media Strategy
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While Bristol Village focuses on its residents, we are focused on executing a social media strategy to engage and grow their social media platforms.

By incorporating a strategy that included their new branding and engaging content — we grew their Facebook engagement by more than 300% in 2021. On Instagram, we increased reach by more than 3,000% since we’ve begun posting.

Our strategy consists of not only branded Bristol Village posts but includes highlighting residents, employees and the facility itself. Monthly Boosts help extend reach and increase interest in the assisted living facility. Digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools for assisted living facilities to reach new people, current resident families and grow their brand.

Bristol FB

Facebook Results

FB Engagement


7,267 audience engagement


88,053 reach


77 new page likes

Instagram Results

Instagram Reach


7,781 Reach


13,914 Impressions (+1,364%)