Ongoing Marketing and Client Outreach

Hotsy® Industrial Pressure Washers

JFG works with a group of Hotsy® pressure washer dealerships across the United States, helping to produce ongoing marketing materials and drive customer outreach and engagement. Through this campaign, JFG has produced email marketing templates and twice-monthly email campaigns, as well as ongoing social media posts to continue engagement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These were reinforced with corresponding long-form content produced as blogs for each of the partner dealerships.

In addition, JFG created customized Hotsy Dealer Kits for each of the dealers that featured new printed collateral for use by sales and service professionals during on-site calls. This included equipment and detergent checklists, a CLEAN Accountability Plan for preventive maintenance, and a new business brochure to highlight product offerings and dealership information.

JFG has also undertaken the complete redesign of several dealer websites to attract more customers and provide a more user-friendly experience. These new sites have also provided an increased opportunity for search engine optimization, and have shown exceptional results for the dealers.