SANY America: Marketing & Branding


SANY America, already a well-established world leader in the manufacture of heavy equipment for the construction and port operation industries, came to JFG with the goal of building its brand and promoting its product lines in order to increase market share in the United States.


JFG built on SANY’s “More Than Machines” tagline to capture the full range of the company’s capabilities and highly motivated work force. The concept lends itself to variations on a theme – such as “More Than Strength” and “More Than Tech” – to highlight facets of the company’s expertise that extend beyond making world-class equipment. These include product support, service, parts and financing. JFG produced a comprehensive style guide to implement brand standards across the company and a full dealer marketing guide to help new dealers get on board with SANY dealership standards and branding efforts.


  • SANY adopted the brand style guide for all audiences, internal and external
  • A series of web and print advertisements, coordinated with the look and feel of the SANY America website and social media presence, demonstrated the company’s brand principles in action
  • Matching collateral materials such as fact sheets, product brochures, trade show displays and stationery and business supplies reinforce the overarching message that SANY America is about “More Than Machines”



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