Marketing & Branding

SANY America

SANY America, a world leader in heavy equipment for construction and port operations, started working with JFG to help further promote its brand and product lines across the United States and Canada. JFG started by building the theme of SANY being “More than Machines,” referring to the comprehensive range of benefits SANY offers from reliable products to helpful staff and trusted technology. This evolved into a comprehensive master style guide, used to outline brand standards for printed and digital materials, in addition to other collateral items such as fact sheets, product brochures and standard stationery and business supplies. JFG also created a full dealer marketing guide that helps new dealers understand SANY dealership standards and how to establish and maintain dealership branding.

With the tagline established, it was adapted for use in a series of web and print advertisements. These ads focus on real people using SANY equipment on job sites with “More than ____” taglines, such as “More than Strength” or “More than Tech,” touting the capabilities of the excavators, wheel loaders and other machinery. JFG also worked with SANY on an ongoing basis to handle social media management and SEO, helping to boost visibility online to audiences looking for more information on heavy equipment and port machinery.

In addition, JFG also assisted SANY with promoting the company’s attendance at ConExpo – the largest trade show for manufacturing and construction, held every three years. Tactics included the development of digital and print ads using a hand-drawn image of equipment in action, an online landing page and a contest for entrants to win tickets to the trade show. 

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