Strategy & Product Launch

All New Jacobs Ladder X

Jacobs Ladder (JL) offers a series of high-intensity exercise equipment that is designed to help amateurs and professionals alike achieve their fitness goals. This includes the company’s Stairway stair-climbing machines, the RopeFit rope trainer and the company’s eponymous Jacobs Ladder rung climbing units. JL recently completed the first redesign of its flagship product in 20 years with the all new Jacobs Ladder X (JLX), and turned to JFG to help create a launch plan and brand strategy.

While in beta testing of the product, JL first came to JFG to redesign the faceplate for the new machine. Before design began, JFG ran a focus group with participants of all ages to try out the new machine utilizing the older instructions and faceplate design. The feedback gained from this helped with the ultimate design of the new machine signage and indicators on the machine to provide instruction to users.

After the machine was ready, JFG worked with JL to develop a launch strategy. The goal was to create a unique brand position that portrayed the grit and intensity of the product, but also showcased the satisfaction users have after completing their workout.  This led to the new tagline – LOVE TO HATE IT. This line is associated with the new JLX launch, but also applies to the entire JL product line.

After the theme was determined, JFG created product launch materials, starting with the transformation of our ideation workspace, Space Between, into a gym and residential setting to create a photo and video shoot. In addition to the JLX video, JFG also created print ads and a JLX sell sheet for promotional purposes.

Along with the development of specific JLX materials, JFG updated the full company brochure and redesigned the JL website, showcasing the new JLX and also creating a more visually appealing experience that offers online purchasing of the machines and parts, and information on workouts to accommodate the full line of JL machines.

JFG continues to work on SEO for the new site, helping make the whole line of JL equipment more visible and accessible to fitness-minded people and businesses across the U.S. and around the world. In just the first two months:

• Improved average online orders from 0.63 units/week (Jan-Oct) to 1.875 units/week (Nov-Dec 2020)

And compared to the same period one year prior, the campaign generated:

• 831% increase in website sessions

• 53% increase in organic traffic

• 1,058% increase in clicks from Google

• 872% increase in Google impressions

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