Jacobs Ladder: JLX Product Launch 



When Jacobs Ladder (JL), maker of high-intensity exercise equipment, undertook the first redesign of their flagship product in 20 years they found a capable partner in JFG. The JFG team was there every step of the way from product design to consumer research to media strategizing to a successful rollout.



JL initially reached out to JFG for help redesigning the faceplate of the new Jacobs Ladder X (JLX), a redesigned version of the company’s signature rung-climbing unit which was then in beta testing.

Based on customer feedback, JFG partnered with JL to create a unique brand position that portrays the grit and intensity of the product while showcasing the satisfaction users have after completing their workout. The new tagline – “Love To Hate It” – provided the theme for the product launch and extended to the entire JL product line.

Once the theme had been approved, JFG worked on a launch strategy for the JLX that included a series of collateral pieces for the JLX and the rest of the product line.

Having developed the theme, JFG infused the new brand into a website redesign, enhancing online ordering capabilities and adding helpful workout information, while boosting SEO and driving social media interactions via the “Love To Hate It” theme.

Once the launch was fully underway, JFG utilized social media as the main media driver. Paid campaigns for the JLX were launched throughout the US, incorporating a mix of promotional videos and static graphics.


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