Rebranding Campaign


Formerly known as the Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse (GCASA), UConnectCare is a nonprofit organization that offers prevention, treatment, detox and recovery services for individuals affected by alcohol, drug or substance use disorder.

Having served Western New York for almost five decades, the organization turned to JFG for help developing a fresh brand identity, including a new name, tagline, logo and supporting marketing materials. They wanted their brand to better represent their dynamic health care organization and their mission to improve community health, reduce stigma toward people with addictions and work collaboratively across systems for positive community change.


  • Rebranding (New Brand Name, Tagline & Imagery)
  • Brand Style Guide Development
    Creative Development (Including New Logo)
  • Website Refresh


JFG knew connection was at the root of the work being done to assist those in need with knowledge, resources, understanding and compassion. Working with the organization, the name UConnectCare was chosen to represent the instant connection felt by the individuals and families served. With this representation of support and community in place, the complementary tagline of “Behavioral Health Services” was chosen to better describe the organization’s mission, identifying that its services focus on daily habits, behaviors and actions that positively impact someone’s mental or physical health.

For corresponding brand imagery, JFG knew it was important to convey a caring human interaction between people. Stepping stone symbolism was also chosen to represent taking the first step in the right direction and a path forward.

Similarly, the circle elements in the new logo represent one large circle made up of smaller circles, honing in on the concept of connection and offering a safe community made up of individuals who are stronger together. The four brand colors selected represent the four different service areas (prevention, treatment, residential & detox, and recovery) and the emotions they evoke/encourage.


Taken together, the new brand identity that was rolled out in 2023 successfully communicated that UConnectCare provides superior quality behavioral health services in a compassionate, healing environment. The new brand decisively increased awareness throughout the region of the comprehensive work being done by UConnectCare to improve overall health and provide much-needed services to the community.