Windsong Continues to Deliver Care During COVID-19

Windsong WNY provides a wide range of screening, imaging and cancer care services in Western New York. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges for providers and patients alike. JFG helped Windsong navigate the crisis, keeping patients informed on how to continue to receive the care and screenings they need while keeping them safe across a range of digital and traditional media.

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SEO Campaign

Ongoing optimization efforts continued to drive traffic to the website.

Pay Per Click

Paid campaigns drove both visitors and calls to Windsong.

Paid Social Media

Social media ads had over 602,000 impressions through September 2020.

Keeping Visible Online

One in 20 searches online is for a health care issue, making search engine visibility a critical priority for Windsong. While 2020 presented new challenges for Windsong with decreased searchers during the peaks of business closures, JFG’s SEO efforts helped drive incredible year over year improvements for the group’s website performance.

23 Percent

Increase in website sessions year over year

Doubled Keyword Performance

Doubling top-ranking keywords (positions 1-3)

58 Percent

Increase in views on Google My Business

70 Percent

Growth in calls made from local searchers

Growth in Paid Performance

In addition to organic search engine optimization, JFG placed paid search advertising to further increase visibility and drive traffic to the site. As with other efforts, the climate of COVID-19 led to a reduced interest during the spring months, but normalized and exceeded previous expectations throughout the year.

11.37 Percent

Click through rate (CTR) increase in September 2020

Doubled Clickthroughs

Increased the CTR from spring to fall 2020

160 Calls

Received from the PPC campaigns

1,165 Clicks

Increase traffic to the Windsong website

Taking It to TV

In addition to the digital tactics, JFG also worked with Windsong to record new television spots. The first commercial was recorded right after COVID-19 shutdowns and was designed to let patients know Windsong was still open by appointment for critical screenings and procedures. The second was geared more toward providing information to patients on reopening, including steps taken by Windsong such as requiring masks and temperatures checks to keep patients safe.

Keeping Connected with Social Media

Windsong and JFG also developed a series of Facebook advertisements that promoted Windsong’s availability as the pandemic situation evolved. This included video spots optimized for placement on social media and boosted posts, which received more than 600,000 impressions through October 2020.

602,000 Impressions

Increase occurred through October 2020

Outperform Industry Average

More than 150 percent higher clickthrough rate than industry average

169,000+ Engagements

Engaged with over 169,000 Facebook users

3,505 Clicks

More visits to the Windsong website

Comprehensive Strategy – Yeah, We Do That

Getting the right messaging out at the right time – and on the right platform – has been a major challenge for marketing in normal times, let alone the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. At JFG, we take a holistic view, working with our clients to assess their needs, review the various options available and consider the marketing budget to create a comprehensive strategy for branding, awareness and critical messaging. Let us show you what we can do. Schedule a call with our team today.