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by | May 30, 2018 | JFG News

The month of May has been good here in Western New York. Our long, seemingly and unending winter has finally broken into warm spells and sunshine. The Sabres won the first pick in the draft lottery – finally. And here at J. Fitzgerald Group, we’ve launched three newly redesigned websites to give our clients a more modern and refreshed look.

Last week was “go week” for our digital team as we went all in on moving sites to new servers, testing functionality and ensuring our clients sites were ready to make their debut on the world wide web. Let’s take a closer look at each of these projects and show off some of the new features and capabilities.

Second Generation Theatre

A local professional theatre company right here in Lockport, Second Generation Theatre approached JFG looking to give their website a bit of a facelift and make it easier for users to navigate and find information about upcoming productions and classes. The new site is designed to be mobile responsive, allowing it to load on any device, while also offering dedicated sections for current and past productions as well as upcoming audition opportunities.

The new site also features some light ecommerce capabilities for fans of the theatre to make online donations to the nonprofit group or to purchase apparel and accessories with the theatre’s logo and branding to support the troupe’s efforts. Check out the new site and learn all about the great stage performances being practiced and performed right here in Western New York.

City of Lockport

Lockport, NY is where JFG has called home for all of our 18 years, and we were able to help the Lock City in the last few weeks by remaking its website into a far more engaging and informational platform for city residents, businesses and visitors.

The new website provides easy-to-access sections for area residents to find information about the city’s parks and programs, refuse and recycling programs and construction projects, while business owners – or those looking to start a new business – can find resources for the city’s economic development programs, available properties and building permits needed for renovation and construction.

The site also includes an alert sign up to notify residents when new items are posted to the blog by city leaders and department heads, allowing them to stay up to date on the latest Lockport news. There is also a central form page, providing convenient access to forms from all city divisions in one place for locals to easily find the paperwork they need to file for different services and needs.

Like the Second Generation site, this new website is also fully responsive for display on desktops and mobile devices, and offers a far greater ease of access to public information than was possible with the former site. We’ve also helped the city stay in touch with residents by setting up the city’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter to connect on social media. Check it the new site at, or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

Hotsy Carlson



Rounding out our new website launches was the Hotsy Carlson site. This pressure washing and cleaning equipment company in Texas has worked with us for a variety of other marketing needs, but wanted to overhaul their site to create a more modern look and provide more information on different product lines and applications for customers in a range of market verticals.

The home page features a great central place to help show different specific products, detergents and accessories to benefit users in construction, transportation, agriculture and other lines of work. It also highlights the company’s different service options, including repair and rental services.

Deeper into the site, all product lines are broken into categories, with pressure washers selectable by both hot- or cold-water usage as well as the type of power source needed – gas/diesel or electric – making it easy for customers to find the right washer. We also are continuing to work on improving the site on an ongoing basis through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media activities to increase visibility and engagement for both new and existing customers.

Digital Marketing Is Big – And Growing

JFG is offering more and more digital capabilities to provide our clients with full solutions for all of their marketing needs. From website development and site redesigns to SEO and social media posting and management, we offer comprehensive support for traditional and modern advertising and marketing. Looking for some help with your site? Give our team a call today at 716.433.7688 to learn more about how we can help.

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