Expected Graphic Design Trends in 2023

by | Nov 9, 2022 | JFG News

An impactful design can stick with a customer – and if a customer continues to keep thinking of a design, they’ll continue to think of you and your brand.

Staying up to date on the latest design trends going into the new year will help your brand break through the noise. Design trends come and go and as 2023 quickly approaches, we’ve highlighted what to consider.

Demand Diversity in Design

Diversity in design is less of a trend, and more of a requirement. Companies need to demand inclusion and diversity in design to set the precedent moving forward.

It is absolutely vital that brands ensure their creative assets represent diversity and inclusion to create strides towards a new industry standard.

This particular design note is not specific to 2023 – we should all be working towards a better world where all groups of people are seen, heard and represented.

3D Graphics Remain Relevant

3D graphics are dynamic and their ability to jump off the screen gets them noticed – which is why they’re expected to stay well into 2023. We discussed the same topic in last year’s blog and the trend still remains.

3D designs often make us feel like we could transport ourselves into them – making them personal and, most importantly, memorable.

Although 3D designs often focus heavily on bold colors and whimsical concepts, 3D design in 2023 is focusing on minimalism featuring neutral colors, clean lines, and a smooth, airbrushed approach.

Consider Dark Mode in Design

Many of us have our phones set to dark mode to make them softer on the eyes, appear more sleek overall, and improve battery life.

With dark mode becoming the preferred setting for many users, it is vital that you consider how your designs will appear on the dark mode setting knowing the majority of consumers will see it that way.

When designing with dark mode in mind, it’s important to consider color schemes such as darker backgrounds and how and if those colors might relate to your brand.

Some brands might not stylistically match well with dark mode designs so make sure you can identify when it’s appropriate.

Note Nature in Current Design

There is a reason that taking a walk after a difficult day can bring you a sense of peace: nature provides a calming and familiar sense of inner peace.

Many designs in 2023 will focus on nature that includes colors that reflect earthy tones including hues of greens, browns, and blues.

Soft watercolor designs that encourage tranquility bring comfort to consumers and gives them visuals of something that already feels familiar.

Consider how you can play with textures and shapes in your designs to convey a nature-inspired theme.

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