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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is Google’s free tool to list your business online. Google My Business profiles are important for local search engine optimization, as they contain important information such as address, hours, phone number, and services. When a user searches for a keyphrase related to the business, such as “marketing agency near me”, a strong Google My Business profile will have a distinct advantage in being shown at the top of search results.

How To Access Google My Business Profiles

Every Google My Business page is tied to a Google account. Whether you have access to the Google account will change the way you can login to Google My Business.

I have access to the Google Account connected to the profile

If you know the Google account that was used to set up the profile, then Google My Business profiles may be managed through logging in to your Google account from the Google My Business landing page.

I do not have access to the Google Account connected to the profile

It may be the case that you do not know what email was used for the set-up, or that the business was never claimed. Luckily, there is a helpful way to get some information. From the Google My Business listing, click on the “Own this business?” button. I own this business Google button This will bring you to a screen that depends on whether the profile is claimed or not.

Claimed Business Profiles

If the Google My Business profile has been claimed, you will see a hint to the email associated with the account. claimed google my business profile If the email looks familiar to you, you can log in to Google My Business using that email. Additionally, you can hit the request access button to send an email notification to the email tied to your account. If the person behind the email declines your request, you will be able to verify your business in order to claim access.

Unclaimed Business Profiles

Sometimes, Google will automatically create Google My Business pages for businesses. In this case, pressing the “Own This Business?” button will bring you to a different screen about verifying your business. verify google my business In order to become connected to the unclaimed Google My Business profile, you will need to follow one of the verification steps provided. As a fair warning, not all of them are always available or work. The ways to verify your Google My Business profile include:

  • Phone Number – receive a call or text with a code
  • Email – have an email sent to a company email address with a code
  • Postcard – have a postcard with a code physically mailed to the business address within 2 weeks
  • Instant verification – business websites verified with Google Search Console can be instantly verified

How to Add Users to Google My Business

Google My Business add usersIf you decide to work with a digital marketing agency, you may need to add users to your Google My Business profile. Luckily, allowing additional people to manage your profile is an easy process.

To start off, you will need to log in to Google My Business. Once on the dashboard, there will be an option on the left-hand sidebar called “Users”. As long as you are signed in as the primary business owner, you will be able to add additional users to the Google My Business profile. 

By granting access to the email address you want to edit the page, they will be able to start adding pictures, responding to reviews, or editing business information.

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