J. Fitzgerald Group to Work with ICSC at Buffalo State College

by | Apr 4, 2019 | JFG News

International Center for Studies in Creativity to partner with JFG for brand development, website 

LOCKPORT, N.Y. – The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at Buffalo State College has selected J. Fitzgerald Group as its partner for new projects focused on brand development for the center as well as the design of a new website and blogging site.

As the first program in the world to offer a course of education in the science of creativity at a graduate level, ICSC has led the way for more than five decades in making the study of creativity an option for those looking to creatively problem solve and find success through nontraditional ways of thinking. ICSC’s history can be traced back to Alex Osborn, founding partner of the marketing agency BBDO, inventor of the concept of brainstorming, and a pioneering thought leader in the field of creativity education.

With programs in creativity becoming increasingly popular, ICSC recognized a need to revisit the center’s existing branding and work to refresh, standardize and grow its visibility both within the campus community and the broader audience of anyone seeking to further their education around the globe. Demand is high among employers for candidates with creativity and problem-solving skills as modern business challenges require novel and new approaches to solve. In fact, LinkedIn recently reported creativity as the No. 1 soft skill in demand among employers for 2019.

ICSC’s work with JFG will include evaluation and reconsideration of the ICSC’s name, establishing an overarching branding theme, messaging and visual identity and developing a style guide to serve as a standard reference both internally and externally. JFG and ICSC will also work collaboratively with the Buffalo State Marketing & Communications Department to ensure cohesive branding that aligns with the college’s overall positioning, messaging and aesthetics. In addition, JFG will also take the branding concepts and adapt them for a web format, helping to make the center’s website more appealing, informative and visible in search results for anyone searching for options in the field of creative studies.

“We live in a perfect storm. While many reports highlight the importance of creative thinking for career and leadership success, few educational programs are designed to enhance this 21st-century skill,” said Dr. Gerard Puccio, department chair and professor at ICSC. “To help address the gap between the demand for creativity and the provisions available to develop creativity, we recognized that ICSC needs to do a better job telling its story. This is the precise reason we turned to JFG for help.”

“We’re delighted to be able to help ICSC rebrand itself and reach an even wider audience,” said Jack Martin, president and co-owner of J. Fitzgerald Group (JFG). “We live and breathe creativity at JFG and Space Between, our creative training and ideation space, so working with the ICSC team offers a unique opportunity to really put outside-the-box thinking and problem solving to the test.”

The center offers multiple programs for students, including two undergraduate minor programs, a six-course graduate certificate program and a Master of Science degree program in creativity and change leadership. Students can attend courses at the Buffalo State College campus or through a distance program, which blends virtual course offerings with on-campus experiences. There is also a China program that helps students in that nation earn a M.S. degree with courses offered both at Sichuan University in China and on the Buffalo State campus. Approximately 50 percent of all ICSC graduates come from outside the United States.

ICSC is based in Chase Hall on the Buffalo State campus in downtown Buffalo. Find out more about the center and the degree and certificate programs available by visiting https://creativity.buffalostate.edu.

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About the International Center for Studies in Creativity

The International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State credentials creativity through diverse programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, innovative leadership practices and problem-solving techniques. ICSC provides tools that enable individuals, worldwide, to develop their own and others’ creativity to foster positive change. Learn more at https://creativity.buffalostate.edu.