Jacobs Ladder Launches New JLX Ladder Climbing Exercise Machine

by | Nov 11, 2020 | JFG News

J. Fitzgerald Group helps Niagara Falls company with comprehensive market strategy

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – Jacobs Ladder, LLC, has made some major improvements to its flagship cardio equipment for the first time in two decades with the release of the new Jacobs Ladder X (JLX).

The company’s ladder climbing exercise machine is well known by fitness enthusiasts, including college and professional athletes, military and police officers, and gyms and fitness centers. Users appreciate the intense workout that it provides, and with the new JLX, users can take their routine to a new level thanks to the four unique positions added as part of the machine’s reconfigured design.

This reimagining of the Jacobs Ladder has been years in the making, and involved gathering input from real users to make sure the JLX would deliver the features and capabilities people wanted from their cardio equipment. This included working with J. Fitzgerald Group (JFG) to hold a focus group at the company’s offices in Lockport to collect input from users on the machine dashboard and instructions to help ensure users of all familiarity levels could easily use the JLX.

JFG then took the feedback from users to help Jacobs Ladder refine the final dashboard and develop a comprehensive JLX launch strategy. The goal was to create a unique brand position that portrayed the grit and intensity of the product, but also showcased the satisfaction users have after completing their workout. This led to the new tagline – “Love to Hate It.” This line is associated with the new JLX launch, but is also now used to describe the entire Jacobs Ladder product line.

“Having the opportunity to see and test the JLX as we were developing the branding was a great way to immerse ourselves in the product and experience the equipment firsthand,” said Carmel Cerullo-Beiter, vice president and partner of JFG. “This helped us establish a look, feel and tone that showcased the intensity of the workouts and the benefits of Jacobs Ladder’s equipment for users from all backgrounds.”

As part of the comprehensive plan to bring the new JLX to market, JFG filmed multiple promotional and informational videos to show clients and end users how the JLX could deliver an intense workout, as well as print ads and sell sheets for vendors and partners to use. JFG also completed a total redevelopment of the Jacobs Ladder website, adding new images, videos and content to promote the JLX and the company’s full range of equipment, including the RopeFit and Stairway product lines. JFG also works with Jacobs Ladder to help increase the brand’s visibility online through paid Facebook ads and organic search engine optimization efforts.

“We have always tried to create value for customers by making fitness equipment for people who love a challenge,” said Bob Palka, owner of Jacobs Ladder, LLC. “In working with JFG, and our engineers, on JLX we believe we taken the next step in doing just that. I love this product!”

To learn more about the new JLX or to order one for your home, business or other fitness facility, visit jacobsladderexercise.com.

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