Understanding the Impact of Influencer Marketing

by | Oct 21, 2022 | JFG News

From sharing their favorite products to live documenting experiences, influencers provide personalized content to a curated audience that values their opinion.

Because of this, influencers have stormed social platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more with no signs of slowing down.

Influencer marketing is a strategic marketing effort that can offer tangible results, but it doesn’t make sense for every business to use them.

Why Influencer Marketing Works

influencer marketing screenshotIf you’re wondering why influencer marketing works – it’s really all a result of a traditional marketing tactic – word of mouth. They are trusted sources of information and have an audience that intentionally follows them and takes their word seriously.

An influencer can quickly take a brand or a product and make it relatable. They have the ability to quickly connect with consumers that already value their opinion.

Influencers each have an individualized audience, so although there are multiple influencers per platform, they each offer a unique reach.

As a business, it can just be a matter of finding the right platform and the right person for your message.

Limitless Platforms Means Large Reach

One of the greatest advantages that influencers have is access to multiple platforms. Some may have found their niche on Tiktok while others infiltrate Instagram, but many influencers have established fan bases on both.

Influencers are constantly conquering multiple platforms and expanding their reach. As a result, they are organically reaching multiple generations.

Of course, one of the obvious advantages to influencers is that they already have connected with hundreds, thousands, or millions of people that have a genuine desire to see their content.

In 2020, many of us turned to our phones and our social channels as a means of connection – but we also used them to shop, learn, inspire, and engage. The impact of influencers largely grew over the course of the pandemic as a result.

Influencers can get brands, products, and services in front of the masses – making them credible with a simple post or video.

Identifying if Influencer Marketing Works for Your Brand

influencer screenshotInfluencer marketing is worth considering for brands of all sizes.

Small businesses can benefit from a partnership with a social media influencer by getting their message in front of people that might not normally see it.

If you struggle to create content, influencer marketing might be a good fit for you. They are responsible for curating the content – they have to create it and push it out which can save you time if you don’t have capacity internally.

Unlike other digital ads, influencer marketing does not deal with cookies, ad blockers, or privacy settings because their followers are actively looking at their posts and stories. Additionally, people that follow influencers do not often get frustrated by seeing product promotions as they are expecting to see them.

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