Welcome to Pub Chat

by | Mar 3, 2016 | JFG News

From 1891 until Prohibition was enacted in 1920, our main building at 12 West Main Street housed a grocery store in the front – and “Heary’s Saloon” in the back. The saloon served both the townspeople and the many packet boat passengers and workers that traversed the Erie Canal. We resurrected the saloon in 2003 and it’s now alternatively known as “The Cavern Club” (to honor The Beatles old stomping ground), “The Barge Inn” (because we like it when people just show up for a pint) and “The JFG Pub” (for after work pints or brainstorming sessions with our employees).

There’s something about sitting in the pub that makes everyone feel comfortable and then the conversation just flows. That’s why we established “Pub Chat” to be our forum to share news, trends and success stories. It’s more than just a blog; it mirrors our social approach, just as you would find in a pub when you gather for a business lunch or happy hour to discuss marketing or reflect on a productive week.