JFG Welcomes UBMD Physicians’ Group to Client Roster

by | Nov 15, 2016 | JFG News

JFG has been named the agency of record for UBMD Physicians’ Group, the single largest medical group in Western New York. They’ve revolutionized the way health care is provided in Western New York. And now, JFG is revolutionizing the way they interact with the public as a brand.

UBMD Physicians’ Group includes more than 500 physicians and approximately 1,200 other care providers and support staff. The group’s physicians practice medicine in 18 specialties at more than 80 locations across Western New York. Many of the group’s physicians are faculty members at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, where they teach medical students and residents and conduct research.

It’s a large, complex organization with many moving parts. Using the Brand Fitz process, JFG was able to zero in on a singular purpose that enables the group to move forward with one vision and speak with one voice: improving the health of each individual patient.

Using that conceptual theme, JFG created a new brand and messaging campaign that illustrates the strength of the whole and the power of connections and shows how UBMD Physicians’ Group uses them for the benefit of each patient.

Called “One Source,” it includes:

  • A new messaging theme: “One source for the life you lead.” Written to illustrate the group’s purpose, the theme paints UBMD Physicians’ Group as one source for the entire continuum of care over the entire course of a patient’s life.
  • A new tag line: “We’re with you.” JFG created the tag line to offer a sense of instill confidence in patients and referring physicians throughout the region. The tag line also speaks to the power of relationships and unites care providers and employees around a common purpose.
  • Visual assets: JFG created a variety of new visual assets to support the new brand. The existing UBMD Physicians’ Group logo evokes connections, a theme JFG carried over into the design work.

The campaign, designed for both internal and external audiences across a variety of media, is under way. One of the first public-facing elements of the campaign, a digital billboard on the corner of The Buffalo News building at the corner of Scott and Washington streets downtown, is already in place. Other elements, such as bus advertisements, will be implemented in the coming weeks.

“Working with J. Fitzgerald Group will expand how and where UBMD reaches patients and the Western New York community,” said Kevin J. Gibbons, MD, Executive Director of UBMD Physicians’ Group. “We are looking forward to seeing the UBMD brand grow with the J. Fitzgerald Group, both externally and internally as we transform how we deliver information on both fronts.”

For the last nine years, JFG has been the agency of record for UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, a UBMD Physicians’ Group practice that includes 36 orthopaedic and sports medicine physicians and more than 250 employees in Buffalo, Amherst, Niagara Falls, and Orchard Park.

It’s our job to look past the obvious and create beautiful work that will exceed our clients’ expectations, and we’re confident in our work for UBMD Physicians’ Group.

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