AAA Timberline: Website & Branding


AAA Timberline distinguished themselves as chimney and fireplace experts over the course of 35 years in the industry, but their public-facing communications lacked a coherent theme and focus. JFG helped company representatives develop a brand identity and then brought that vision to life with a new logo, revamped print materials, an all-new website and an enormously successful digital ad campaign.



JFG’s integrated approach to consolidating the overall brand began with a redesign of the AAA Timberline logo. JFG worked with the AAA team to craft a logo and brand identity that showcased the AAA commitment to excellence. Once the brand was established, we updated AAA collateral and stationery to match.


We then created a modern website that reflected their professionalism, expertise and achievements, while incorporating a clear call to action to drive business through the door. JFG continues to manage SEO to maximize website traffic and response rates.


A modest Google Ads spend delivered a big ROI in terms of website traffic, responses and leads generated. The campaign initially focused on chimneys and masonry, masonry repair and fireplace inserts and repair, but JFG adjusts ad groups and keywords throughout campaigns to anticipate changing customer needs with the changing of the seasons.


3-Month Campaign Results (Feb.-April 2021):

  • Google rankings were up 271 net positions, an increase of 1,835% when compared to the prior 3 months
  • Bing rankings were up 275 net positions, an improvement of 339% compared to the prior 3 months
  • Organic traffic is up 172% when compared to Feb.-April 2020

3-Month Campaign Results (Feb.-April 2021):

  • 43 phone calls from Google Ads (more than any other channel during this time)
  • 24 forms generated from Google Ads
  • 1,078 clicks and 24,200 impressions

3-Month Campaign Results (March-May 2021):

  • Click-through rate of 4.45% (industry average = 2.41%)
  • Conversion rate of 9.37% (industry average = 6.64%)

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