Website & Branding

AAA Timberline

AAA Timberline has been solving chimney and fireplace problems for Western New York for over 35 years and recently partnered with JFG to launch a total brand refresh. Although JFG handled some aspects of traditional media such as an informational brochure, the majority of efforts were focused on building AAA Timberline’s digital cache to compete more vigorously in the constantly-evolving digital landscape.

Beginning with an updated logo, we were able to help AAA Timberline re-establish the look and feel of their brand. We then created a modern website that showcased their professionalism, expertise and work and provided clear calls to action to help drive business. From there, we also updated their brochures to match the new look and took over social media posting, as well. This has helped consolidate their overall brand, distilling their messaging down into a consistent voice across all platforms, both digital and traditional. 

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