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Full-Service Social Media

Social media has become a dominant media platform all its own, rivaling traditional television, print and radio and competing with digital pay-per-click advertising for the attention of customers. Are you doing all you can to succeed?

Find out how JFG can help with paid social strategies, social media campaign optimization and more with our full range of social media marketing services.

Strategy Development

Action without strategy is doomed to fail. Let our team help you put together a plan.

Social Media Management

Stay on top of reviews or requests with our team handling your social media.


Creative Content Creation

Let our team handle content creation – copy, images, even video and infographics. 

Paid Social Campaigns

Paid campaigns are critical to social media success and reaching a larger audience.

Featured Case Studies

Check out some of the social media campaigns that we’ve done for our clients and see how an effective campaign can drive likes on your page, increase visits to your website or help drive brand awareness through social media. 

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The Power of Social

Social media gives brands an opportunity to engage directly with their audience, transforming prospects into leads, and customers into advocates. Done well, social media can be a powerful tool. Done poorly, it can lead to content going viral for the wrong reasons. Let us help you handle your social media presence and guide you on the path to social media success.

Paid Advertising

Many think that you can simply post on your business page and your followers will see your content. Not quite. As social media has become more popular, platforms have changed the algorithm to reduce visibility. Paid programs can override these limits and boost your reach. 

  • Boost campaigns – short term, low budget
  • Paid ads – longer term, larger budget 
  • Branding campaigns – increase new audience in a region or with similar interests
  • Lead generation campaigns – find new customers and help them find you 
  • Engagement campaigns – increase likes, shares and comments
  • Choose from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular networks