Social Media Campaigns

Maybe you don’t think about social media as a platform to reach your customers, but the truth is that it’s as much a way to connect with audiences as traditional platforms like television, radio and print. Today’s use of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others represents a new way for individuals to collaborate and communicate, not only about their personal lives, but also their professional needs. This means that for most businesses or organizations, investing in being successful and engaging on social media can lead to more than just likes and follows – it can mean increased sales. 

Staying Relevant & Engaging

With a social media campaign, JFG does more than simply post. We look at your profiles and work to put together a comprehensive strategy to help you be relevant, engaging and remembered by audiences, making sure that your name is the one customers think of when they need the products or services you offer. At J. Fitzgerald Group, we make sure that you are active on each platform we work with by ensuring regular posts each week, using a combination of video, graphic, photo and text postings to best suit your audience. We also work to determine the best times and days to post to optimize your performance and maximize your reach. 

In addition, we help ensure you’re putting your best foot forward on each platform by auditing your account to make sure you’re in compliance with the best practices and standards for each network. This includes verifying the accuracy of your contact details, ensuring your banner and profile graphics meet the dimensions for each platform and assessing your existing and ongoing reviews to ensure you’re seen as responsive to customer feedback and input. Plus, we keep an eye on your social presence, watching for anyone trolling your posts, monitoring and responding to inquiries sent to your page and working to make sure your social page is a success for your brand. 

Featured Case Studies

Check out some of the social media campaigns that we’ve done for our clients and see how an effective campaign can drive likes on your page, increase visits to your website or help drive brand awareness through social media. 

Contests, Polls and More 

One of the biggest draws of social media is that it’s an interactive platform for engagement and interaction. That’s why we work to drive not just conversions, but conversations. Through engaging with your audience in polls, contests and other ways, you can get the pulse of your readers, helping you better understand them and their needs while making a lasting impression with users. This helps them to remember your brand positively and even share you with their audiences. Users who share your posts and tell their friends, family and followers about you are your best advocates. Word of mouth marketing isn’t dead – instead, find the 21st century version in brand evangelists who find and share your organization through social media campaigns with JFG. 

Engage with Customers with JFG

Let JFG’s social media expertise show you how social media can benefit your brand or business. Our team can work with you to create a social media campaign that meets your needs and manages your presence with as much or as little involvement as you prefer. Find out more about our social media services by contacting us today. 

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