Marketing Tips for Nonprofits in 2022

by | May 2, 2022 | JFG News

J. Fitzgerald Group has been helping with nonprofit marketing efforts for two decades. Our involvement in the national CreateAthon network has given us the opportunity to engage with numerous nonprofits and help them to help others through their marketing efforts.

The correct marketing approach can allow nonprofits to raise awareness and raise funds in order to grow, thrive, and succeed.

Prioritize a Practical Website

It is vital that your nonprofit prioritizes a practical website that is mobile friendly. Studies have found that mobile traffic makes up 55% of all web traffic in 2022, and nearly 30% of online giving comes from a mobile device. Your website will be a direct reflection of your success – guaranteed.

Of course, creating a website for your nonprofit is a necessity but updating it often is just as important. Your website will often serve as your “first impression” – many people will land on your website knowing little about your organization and you want them to leave your website feeling informed, empowered, and passionate about your cause.

A well-functioning website is important – it should be easy for visitors to find information, make a donation, seek out your calendar of events, understand your mission, sign up to volunteer or you’ll lose them.

Why should nonprofit agencies include a blog on their websites?

A blog can serve a business or an organization, specifically nonprofits, in a multitude of ways. It is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your website is gaining fresh content and is a perfect platform to share your stories.

Something unique to nonprofits is that their stories of success are often heart-warming and will quickly capture the attention of an audience. Whether you are a Hospice facility arranging final wishes for a family’s loved one or an educational institute providing reading materials to children who would not otherwise have access, you are creating shareable and relatable stories.

You can use your blog to share success stories, feel good stories, current events, urgent needs, and so forth. Blogging regularly can also show your followers that you’re knowledgeable, reliable, and active – making you a reputable source for those interested in your mission.

How to Use Social Media for Nonprofits

Social media has remained a steadfast outlet for nonprofits, allowing them to reach a larger audience instantly – being mindful of what content will perform best and where dollars are best spent.

Posting regularly on your social channels will help you engage with customers, keep up with other nonprofits, reach those interested in your mission, and advocate for the work you’re doing.

Facebook offers nonprofits a simple way to collect donations that is easy and secure – you can find instructions here on how to collect donations directly through Facebook. You can also encourage your supporters to create a fundraiser for your organization via their personal Facebook for their birthday. In lieu of receiving gifts, they can ask their Facebook friends for donations to a nonprofit they’re passionate about – yours! This is a simple way to increase donations that isn’t a big lift internally.

How Digital Marketing Helps Nonprofits

JFG would encourage nonprofits to create a budget specifically for promoting content on social media. We understand that nonprofits must be conscious of budget but spending money on digital efforts can boost brand awareness and increase donations – two priceless results.

Regardless of the size of your organization, paid social campaigns can help you determine what type of content your audience is interested in. If you can’t afford to allocate dollars to social media, organic social marketing efforts matter as well.

Still on the fence if spending dollars on digital will pay off? 29% of online donors say that social media is the communication tool that most inspires them to give.

Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

JFG would also encourage nonprofits to take a look at utilizing Google Ad Grants, specifically if cost is a concern when it comes to digital efforts.

Google Ad Grants offers up to $10,000 USD every month to nonprofits that qualify – allowing your ads to appear in Google search results and expand your reach.

Nonprofits must apply for Google Ad Grants in order to see if they qualify. Looking for help? Contact the Google Ads Grant specialists at JFG today.

Focus on Video Content

Video content has become increasingly popular over the last several years but nonprofits can often benefit from quality video content. In fact, 79% of donors said online videos were most effective in helping them make the giving decision.

People feel better giving money to organizations that they feel they know well and have forged an emotional connection with – video content opens up the potential for your audience to create a personal relationship with your brand that feels personal.

Videos are also widely shared compared to other forms of content – 92% of consumers on mobile will share videos with others especially when the video makes them “feel.”

JFG Knows Nonprofit Marketing

JFG is here to help your nonprofit create realistic goals and achieve them time and time again. Having set goals will help you to understand what efforts are working and what is not, allowing you to pivot accordingly.

We believe that every nonprofit is working towards something important – making it important to us that we use the best marketing practices for your success. Contact us today and learn more about how JFG can help your nonprofit.