Just as video proverbially killed the radio star, today’s rise in the popularity of digital video as a method of communicating with audiences online has made video marketing the favorite platform for many brands. Video creation varies from the simple smartphone-shot, selfie-style video to a full-scale production, but no matter what story you want to tell, we can help.

Lights, Camera, Action

When making a video, you want to make sure that it is relevant to your audience and tackles the topic at hand in a way that’s easy to understand. We’ll work with you to develop a concept for your video that can include script writing, storyboarding, graphic design and more. We offer simple video options that can highlight features or serve as a presentation feature or work to develop a more conversational video that shares information in a more casual and relatable way.

If You Film It, They Will Come

Not exactly. Shooting a great video is only part of the plan. Getting it out there is the other, and our team can help you share your new video and get it seen by current and prospective customers and clients. 

We can work with you to include your video in web design as part of your current site or during a redevelopment, or work to highlight video as a feature of an email campaign or blog post. Are you active on social media? Video content performs exceptionally well on these networks, and we can create an organic or paid campaign to help promote your newly shot video on these platforms. We can also include video as part of optimizing your website, delivering more value and engagement on your site, helping users to find the information they need as part of their decision- and purchase-making process. 


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Looking for help with creating the next great video for your brand or business? Look no further than J. Fitzgerald Group. Our team can work with you to better understand your goals and what you’d like to create and help you make it into a compelling and well-crafted finished product. Call us or submit a contact form today and let’s chat about what your organization needs. 

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