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The digital market is everywhere. Now that virtually everyone has a smartphone, they have immediate access to news, shopping, advertising messages and much more. But the rules are constantly changing, so you need to stay on top of all the latest trends. When you work with JFG, you’ll have full access to this dynamic and expanding market to get your message out – and you can feel confident knowing that we’re on top of all the latest trends, best practices and policies to drive your online success.


“SEO” stands for search engine optimization, and if you want to get found online, it’s the letters for your success. We use a flexible approach, allowing us to adjust on the fly to changes in both search engine algorithms and your highest priorities.


Search engine marketing, aka SEM, helps your organization or company appear in related search results. This puts your website, your brand, your messaging and your products or services in a prominent position for interested searchers to see. Customers need to find you – we’ll make sure they do.

Social Media Campaigns

Social networks are a way to reconnect with friends, colleagues and families, but once these platforms realized that businesses could benefit, they began to make it more difficult for them to reach customers. Paid options are a great way to increase your reach and get your messaging out to a very specific and targeted audience. Let us show you the way.


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