Email Marketing

Email marketing is surging in recent years, making a serious comeback from its position at the end of the last decade. Not long after the internet really began to take off, spam email became the bane of everyone with an inbox – fake missives from Nigerian princes, so-called safety tips that secretly contained viruses, phishing scams and 21st-century pyramid schemes would greet you every time you checked your mail. Today, however, email has surged back as a legitimate tool and is now the preferred method of communication across different audiences today versus traditional “snail mail,” phone calls or even TV ads.

Low Cost, Big Results

Not only is email a time-tested, preferred and convenient tool, but it’s also incredibly cost effective. As the price for sending flyers and postcards continues to increase as postage and printing costs increase, email marketing continues to be a very affordable alternative. An email campaign can generally be sent for a fraction of the cost of a traditional mail, television or phone campaign, and offers the additional advantage of being more trackable, allowing you to know how many recipients open your emails or use promo codes or incentives. This makes it possible to closely match purchases with campaigns, making it simpler to keep track of actual return on investment (ROI) for each email sent. 

We can also help you with list curation and collection. Using a variety of different tools and approaches, we can help you grow and maintain a healthy email list, ensuring that your campaigns are reaching the audience of current or prospective customers you want to reach. Let the JFG team work with you to make sure your list works for you and your business needs.

Engaging and Interactive

Email also benefits from being a digital media, meaning that it’s possible to include more information at a reader’s fingertips. You can embed links to relevant videos, blog posts, articles or sale landing pages, making it simple for a recipient to follow up on a new sale or learn more about your promoted products or services. With email marketing, it’s also easy to include custom fields that can incorporate your recipient’s name or company, allowing for more personalization which can help your emails succeed. It’s also easy to perform testing on different variations within a campaign – a process known as A/B testing – allowing you to work over time to optimize your email sends and further improve the success of your email marketing. 

It Starts With Your Email

Want to learn more about email marketing and how JFG can help? Start by sending us an email – or giving us a call or completing our online form. We can schedule a time to discuss your customers and needs, review your existing email collection strategies and review what’s possible for your brand. Reach out and get started with JFG today. 

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