Video & Facebook Campaign

DeSales Catholic School

DeSales Catholic School, a faith-based school for students in prekindergarten through grade 8, approached JFG for help with improving the awareness of the school in Lockport and the greater eastern Niagara County region. The goal was to reach parents of school-aged children on social media to encourage them to visit the website and schedule a tour of the school, but we needed to create a compelling message.

JFG produced a number of graphic ads for use on Facebook, all featuring pictures of actual students at the school and highlighting some of the core values that DeSales incorporates into its educational philosophy. These ads were then targeted to parents of children who were currently or soon to enroll in school within a 15-mile radius of the campus. JFG also used variant testing to combine different taglines and text with images, and incorporated a Facebook Pixel to track users for future retargeting options.


  • 103,888 impressions for the ads on Facebook
  • 8,852 unique users served the ad
  • 392 attributable clicks to the website 

JFG also produced a promotional video for DeSales to use on social media and its website. This included interviews with staff and students from the school to help viewers better understand the benefits of the STREAM – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts & Math) curriculum and the overall experience that pupils have at DeSales.

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