Interior Gym Branding

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment has invested heavily in creating an incredibly desirable place to work at its U.S. headquarters in Shippensburg, PA. As part of its renovations and improvements, Volvo created a new on-site gym and fitness center for employees to take advantage of and wanted to make it a true part of the Volvo experience.

JFG worked with Volvo since the agency started and was very familiar with the company’s brand standards and messaging, so when representatives reached out and described their need, we were able to quickly get to work on creating wall art that could tell the Volvo story while still keeping with the aesthetic of a fitness center. JFG created full-wall graphics that featured Volvo verbiage, such as “Push Boundaries” and “Break Through” with images of individuals working out and lifting weights.

The graphics had to be carefully designed to accommodate doorways, power outlets and the exact dimensions of the space to ensure a perfect fit. And the end result speaks for itself. These graphics added a great burst of color and depth to what would otherwise have been a very plain and simple space, helping to embody both Volvo’s messaging and the spirit of health, fitness and wellness.

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