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Redefining the term 'advertising agency'
Sure, we're an ad agency located near Buffalo, New York. And yes, we do everything you'd expect an agency to do: advertising, public relations, marketing, branding, direct mail, logos, radio spots, TV spots, radio commercials and more. And we do a lot of things you wouldn't expect from an ad agency - such as websites, software development, online incentive programs, online automated advertising building programs, focus group research and a wide variety of other value-added services. But providing high-quality advertising, marketing, branding, web development and software programs for clients in Western New York and around the world is just one part of the equation at J. Fitzgerald Group.

J. Fitzgerald Group's main focus is driving sales. Whether that's through an effective marketing plan, a well-crafted ad campaign, or an online incentive program, JFG does one thing - and we do it well: we deliver sales results. J. Fitzgerald Group may be centrally located between Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, NY and Toronto, Ontario - but we provide world-class advertising to clients all over the world, from Korea to Ireland to France and all points in between. And we've been doing it successfully for 12 years now. So check out our marketing services and see the type of work we do. Then give us a call and let us show you how we can deliver results for your company. Because no matter where you're located, J. Fitzgerald Group will be there for you. Contact us today
Motivate. Generate. Elevate. Payback Incentives
We recently branded an I-Con from Ireland. Peer into the window of our work. Read more.
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